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What is a Pardner?


A pardner is a type of rotating savings and credit association. The traditional system is simple and depends on the members of the pardner knowing and trusting each other. The system can be a saving method for those who take their lump sum at the end of the cycle or a loan for those who get their money upfront (Prosperity Pardner may introduce this at a later date).

What is the Pardner system called in my country?


The pardner system has been utilized all over the world but it is often called by different names depending on your geographical location. The word “pardner” is the Jamaican terminology for the informal financial system. Here is a guide of the different names for the Pardner system around the world:


West Africa- Susu, Sou Sou or Osusu

Caribbean- Susu

Jamaica- Pardner or Pardna

Africa (Various Locations) - Likelemba

Latin America/ Mexico- Tanda

Asia- Hui

Peru- Juntas

South Africa- Stokvel

Pakistan – Committee or Quiniela

El Salvador and Guatemala- Cuchubales

Chile- Pollas

Indonesia- Arisan

Brazil- Pandeiros

Philippines- Paluwagan

Why Should I Choose Prosperity Pardner?


We are a new and exciting organisation, created at a time when people needed us most.

During recent times, people have begun to realise that having a job is just one form of income they can have.


People have also started to understand that money can work for them instead of them always working for money.

That is exactly how rich people become rich.

They make money work for them.

We are here to help you to allow your money to work for you.

Use our services and be rewarded with 5% increase at the end of your pardner term.

Anyone from any country may apply. Visit our International Page for more information.

Are you in Africa or The Caribbean, then click here for an amazing offer.

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Clifford Williams

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